Time for a quick story? Perfecto. A little about dirt, beauty, and taking off your shoes…

 “Earth's crammed with heaven, 
And every common bush afire with God, 
But only he who sees takes off his shoes;”

― Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Dirt. Crammed with heaven.

This story begins with a curly-haired boy who couldn’t keep his hands out of soil & plants. Trent started landscaping as soon as he could legally work, gaining 20+ years of landscape experience. If you met his mother & saw her garden, you’d understand where this botanical passion comes from! Trent began occasional training in floral design under a local florist in 2011, starting simple with prepping stems & greening vases, yet still dreaming flowers. Gardening and hiking with Mandy & their four kids has been a favorite way to continue to live outside and enjoy nature. Now in his current role as sales manager at a rural lawn/farm/garden supply store he is no longer installing landscapes, but fresh floral design keeps his hands in dirt & blooms in the best way possible.

Beauty. Every common bush.

Mandy grew up making lovely things. Drawn to beautiful design and always noticing how things looked. Bedroom rearranged constantly. Popsicle sticks glued to the table after one too many crafts (You’re the best, mom!). Intent on noticing God-given beauty in the ordinary, whether in people (who are never just ordinary, once you get to know them) or things. Laundry aside, Trent & Mandy’s kiddos are a delight and bring daily reminders to look for beauty in our world with fresh eyes. Her training as a Registered Nurse has given her an appreciation for the beauty in details and stories of others. Trent’s flower dreams are contagious and now her attention to detail and appreciation for lovely design translates well into listening to your floral vision. You know they care about getting the details right + excellent final results. That lush garland of blooms sprawled across a bridal table or the perfect arrangement at your grand opening will look amazing!

Taking off our shoes

We (Trent & Mandy) married in 2004 & a couple kids later, we collaborated on our 1st wedding in 2014. Self-taught? Nope, we’re tribe-taught & cheered on by so many. We’ve learned from some of the best mentors, employers, and floral talent around and we’re passionate about creating beautiful botanical design. Gorgeous fresh. modern. blooms have us taking off our shoes in amazement at a creative God. Can’t wait to share excellent floral design with you!



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